Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mac Pickle

Mac Pickle Dish

Pieced by Judy M., Pat S. and the mini-group Persian Pickles.

Quilted by Mac MacNamara

"A group effort by the mini-group Perisian Pickles from workshops with Mike "Mac" MacNamara, San Francisco. Quilted by Mac. This combination of Magic Squares and the traditional Pickle Dish pattern was created in a free-form, wonky style. Food fabric was contributed by all."
Members of the group include Pat S and Judy M., also Laura Bernstein, Eisal Brantley, Pam Brown, Mary Flynn, Patti Loucks, Judy Mathieson, Evelyn McClure, Marilyn Neff.

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  1. Where on earth did you find this post? Judy M