Saturday, January 22, 2011

Note From Andrew

Everyone here is looking forward to the fete…celebration…adventure…event that is PBGetaway! It’s an honor to again host the majority who has attended before, and to welcome with open arms the newcomers!

A few announcements and requests:

· When you arrive on Friday, please check in at the Office (adjacent to Scissorhands) prior to settling in to the dorms or your work room. We have a youth group in residence until 1:00 on Friday, and we will be cleaning and resetting the campus throughout the day. Your dorm room and/or work room may not be immediately available, and your understanding and patience are deeply appreciated. Arrivals after 1:00 pm would be most convenient.

· The Farallon bathroom is for boys and men until the school departs at 1:00 pm. Please use the Golden Gate restroom or office restroom until the school departs.

· At 5:00 pm the YMCA is honored to present an opening reception in the Dining Room. Our chefs will prepare some special appetizers for the event! The Y is precluded from providing wine, but you may provide it to complement the affair.

· If you have guests or visitors during the week, we request that the person sign and submit the attached Release Form to the office. (We do live in the age of liability…) If someone stays for a meal, the price is $15/person/meal. Your help on the honor system is deeply appreciated.

· Upon check-in, you will be provided with detailed emergency information, including emergency phone numbers as well as my home and cell number. This information is also posted around the campus. If you have questions or concerns you need addressed before next week, please let me know.

Again, it is an honor and pleasure to host this event at the YMCA! Contact me if you need anything.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

News from Sues Email

I should let you all know that Mata is now the grandmother of FOUR. . . two sets of twins born within a week? of each other. Two in Petaluma, CA and two in AZ. Mata and her husband had to split up to help out. I'm sure we'll see photos. . .

Peter and Miriam

Miriam called a few days ago and she's doing well after her bone marrow transplant ordeal last summer. She sounded great and is looking forward to PB.

Maybe she'll get this little cherry sweater knitted while she's there.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bobbi's Quilts

Quilt Study: Red and Green

Bobbi skips easily back and forth between traditional and contemporary quilts


Study: Bedcover Before 1840
She always does a spectacular reproduction for the American Quilt Study Group's biannual quilt study, an event she and Penny originated.

Study: Stars

The cover quilt on the book she and Carol published earlier this year.

Wearing hats to Joyce's induction at the Quilters Hall of Fame

A panel medallion from the Fat Quarters group project list.

Monday, January 10, 2011

More Mabry

Mabry also sent a link to her gallery page:


Feathered Stars

Plaid Stars

Reversing Square
And then I noticed if you click on "My Gallery" you can see all her pictures---of her travels---and her social life, which includes many people you may recognize. No Problem.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Agenda from Sally

(All events take place in the North Dining Hall-unless noted)

Friday, Jan 28th

1pm Arrival of fellow campers

5pm Cocktail-less party by the Y (more to come from Andrew)

7-9pm Show N Tell for Scissorhands and Fat Quarters – Claudia  - host

Saturday, Jan 29th
7-9pm Show N Tell for The Factory-Claudia - host

Sunday, Jan 30th

1:30pm Trunk Show with Gwen
4:30pm The Way of the Artist – Mickey  - host

5:30pm Open House at The Factory – byob

Monday, Jan 31st

2-5pm The Bazaar - Kim G, Nancy G, Laure’ C, Gwen M - hosts

Tuesday, Feb 1st
4:30pm The Way of the Artist – Mickey  -

5:30pm Open House at Scissorhands – byob

Wednesday, Feb 2nd
2-5pm Auction – Judy M, Shirley G, Babs L, Brenda C, Deanna D – hosts

5:00pm Social Hour at Fat Quarters – byob (extended time to help with numbers)

Thursday, Feb 3rd
4:30pm The Way of the Artist – Mickey  - host

7-9pm Show N Tell – everyone – Claudia  - host

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Edy's Quilt

While fooling around on the internet the other day I came across this quilt on Sandy Klop's webpage. She designs fabric for Moda and has a pattern company, both under the name of American Jane.

The quilt above which she called Galaxy of Stars rang a bell.
Then I saw she sometimes called it Edy's Quilt.
Then I recalled that Edy had a quilt like that and Mabry made two TWO, one for Edy one for Mabry.
So I asked them if they knew that American Jane was selling a pattern.

Edy says:
Yes. I knew. I showed the pattern at last year's show and tell. She added a border and developed an unusual way to insert the blazing star piece.

Mabry says:
Well. I think 'ours' is more dramatic. I don't recall that [seeing] that pattern - but maybe i missed that show & tell. how did she insert the blazing star? i can't really complain about copying - as that is what i did. and i
doubt that it will be a real money maker - as i never could convince anyone that it really was easy to do.

I know many of you will find it hard to believe that both Mabry and Barbara forgot that Edy showed the pattern. Or maybe we both missed that show n tell (Barbara sleeping, Mabry brewing coffee)

Anyway if you want to buy the pattern from Sandy Klop here's the webpage.
Scroll down....
AJP235 Edy's Quilt.