Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Edy's Quilt

While fooling around on the internet the other day I came across this quilt on Sandy Klop's webpage. She designs fabric for Moda and has a pattern company, both under the name of American Jane.

The quilt above which she called Galaxy of Stars rang a bell.
Then I saw she sometimes called it Edy's Quilt.
Then I recalled that Edy had a quilt like that and Mabry made two TWO, one for Edy one for Mabry.
So I asked them if they knew that American Jane was selling a pattern.

Edy says:
Yes. I knew. I showed the pattern at last year's show and tell. She added a border and developed an unusual way to insert the blazing star piece.

Mabry says:
Well. I think 'ours' is more dramatic. I don't recall that [seeing] that pattern - but maybe i missed that show & tell. how did she insert the blazing star? i can't really complain about copying - as that is what i did. and i
doubt that it will be a real money maker - as i never could convince anyone that it really was easy to do.

I know many of you will find it hard to believe that both Mabry and Barbara forgot that Edy showed the pattern. Or maybe we both missed that show n tell (Barbara sleeping, Mabry brewing coffee)

Anyway if you want to buy the pattern from Sandy Klop here's the webpage.
Scroll down....
AJP235 Edy's Quilt.

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