Sunday, October 2, 2011


Sue F. sent a link to husband Karl's website

Where we found pictures of him playing his Japanese bamboo flute
in front of some familiar textiles.

And atop some familiar textiles.

Says Sue: I just helped my husband Karl put together his new cd cover and put my quilts on it. When you have time go check it out on his website at and click recordings and enjoy samplings of his new jazz cd which he plays the Japanese shakuhachi (bamboo flute.) He also wrote me a song called "Sues's Blues". The quilt I used for the cover is " green tea" and the one inside is a detail of "noh code"

 Here's what Karl's site says about his music.
Karl Young is a shakuhachi and shinobue player with a wide range of experience playing solo, and in traditional Japanese classical and folk ensembles, as well as playing jazz and modern western music in a variety of contexts. He is available for solo performances, accompaniment for readings, traditional Japanese folk music and dance with the group Ensohza which he cofounded, traditional Japanese ensemble music

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