Saturday, February 25, 2012


Deanna writes that she should have been included in the hat post last week. (I didn't have a good picture but now I do.)

She says:
"I made the pink bird hat at Pt B in Jan 2011 but have worn it ever since.

It's truly amazing!  Young people usually just don't see people over 50 with white hair.  But if I wear this hat, they smile and go out of their way to say hello.  Yesterday two 25 year old duds on bikes rode by me as I was waiting at the curb. The first one riding past smiled and said "Good morning" and the second one looked at me, smiled and waved and said "Have a great day."  What's really amazing is that these young folks aren't looking at me like I'm the craziest person on the block but are engaged and being friendly.Yea for hats!"

These small hats on the side of your head were apparently pioneered by one D D of the East Bay, a fashion picked up by the Princesses of the British Royal Family. 

They are called Fascinators

Fat Quarters was a millinery shop as we had a glue gun, and inspired by Deanna we adapted the look to Midwestern head gear.

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  1. Deanna, Love the "hat". It is perfect on you. Great photo.!