Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stevii Wins A Prize

Yellow Rose of Texas and More
by Stevii Graves and Martha Nordstrand,
Quilted by Meredyth Rotlisberger

This quilt won a prize at Road to California last month:
Winner of Honorable Mention: Traditional, Large, Applique

See all the winners here:


  1. I recognize that quilt! This quilt was made to be the IQA (International Quilt Association) raffle quilt for 2012. I love the quilt, but am so happy that it is finished and out of my house.


  2. Stevii I love that quilt! It makes my heart sing.
    Tell us it broderie perse(sp?)? Hand or machine applique? Fused? Who designed it? Is the feather border in cut away trapunto? Is the color change between the background and the feathers a result of the blue thread color? How does one find tickets? Where and when raffled?

  3. The quilt is all hand appliqued. No fusing. Martha Nordstrand, a friend from San Diego, who now lives in Surprise, AZ was the main designer. I helped a little with that aspect. Martha and I both appliqued, I assembled the quilt.
    The trapunto is just from machine quilting and yes, she used blue thread.
    Stevii writes from the road
    I'm trying to get to get tickets now. The drawing will be done the last day of
    Houston Quilt Festival since it is the 2012 raffle quilt for the International Quilt association.