Friday, May 7, 2010


Once the Queens retire anarchy ensues.

We need some digital communication tools and this blog will help.

My theory is we can all post messages and pictures here. This will be more efficient than email and won't clog up our email boxes.

You need an invitation to post. I've sent one to everyone on the current address file. If you didn't get one email and I'll send you one.

Respond to the invitation that comes in your email and you'll be a posting member.


Once someone starts a post we can all comment.

At the bottom of this post you'll see a small line with the time it was posted and my name. Then a spot that says X Comments. Click on this.
A box will come up at the bottom of the comments already posted with the title

Type your comment in the box and then hit POST COMMENT at the bottom.

It should work. If it doesn't---let me know and I will adjust the format as needed.

At the top of the page see the sign in. If it doesn't auctomatically take you to the contol page use your google account by filling in your email address and password. Once you are signed in....

At the blue line at the top you'll see the words NEW POST.
Click on that
A box will come up:
You can give your post a title.
Then type text in the box.
At the bottom you'll see an orange box that says PUBLISH POST. Hit that and you're done.

Right now everyone in the entire world can see your post so think about that before you hit PUBLISH POST. We can change that after awhile and make it a supersecret blog if we want to.

And once you hit PUBLISH POST you do get the option of editing or deleting.

I think this will be fun and will make it easier to keep in touch.


  1. Yay Barbara! Drag us into the 21st century (22nd?) technology. Looking forward to coming back. Remember girls, time to put on our big girl panties!


  2. We've come a long way baby. Such fun and a great idea.

    Pat Scoville

  3. god bless ya, little missy. My inbox will thank ye too! hopefully people will use this and give the email a rest for chatter......

  4. Thanks Barbara! We've needed this for a long time. Sue A

  5. Thank you, Barbara. You've dragged me kicking and screaming onto my first blog. It took the women of Pt. Bonita to get me across this hurdle!

  6. Now that we know that we will be in our bunk beds at Pt. Bonita, may I offer my solution to the less than comfy mattresses; I have, for the last 10 years, been bringing an air mattress; sort of my own sleep number bed!

  7. Geez, I finally got signed on. All it took was for me to remember who I was.
    I'm looking forward to another PB year. Yoohooo!