Friday, May 7, 2010

Sally's May 5th email

We have 41 yeahs for heading back to Point Bonita. That is a majority,

so it is decided! It will be good to have a farewell retreat at the Point!

I would like it to honor Kathy R. for her tireless smile,
compassion and devotion to us over all these years. I think it is fitting to making her OUR Queen for a week! And this is our theme for the week! I will charge an additional $7-$10 to everyone so Kathy can come as our guest. So let it rip ladies...beg, grovel, profess your  undying love, do anything necessary to let Kathy know we want her there!

I will now check with the administration at PB and find out how much  deposit they require. If we get to 60 people, we will have exclusivity at PB. Details to follow.

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