Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Retreat

Here are some more pictures from the August retreat.
Sally says:

"It was great with the longer days. Got a great view of the full moon over San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge with the city scape in the background on the last evening. Definitely doing it again. Definitely keeping one gal to a table. "

"Definitely taking names and reserving space for the first Sunday in August 2012 (the 6th, I think) to the second Sunday. The room configuration will be 12 in the newly named Sweat Shop (formerly Scissorhands), 20 in the to be named formerly known as The Factory and 6 in Fat Quarters, as long as I can be guaranteed those rooms with that configuration. That's a total of 38, possibly 40. We will not have exclusive use of the facility, which worked out fine this past week."

"The 11 gals at the retreat have a guarantee of return. I have approximately (haven't unpacked yet!) 8-10 gals on the wait list. I will take up to 60-70 names in total. I will move outside the Point Bonita list to look for other gals in a few months, if I don't reach my numbers."
Did Yatchi get that BAQ done?

They mentioned that they could have whole-room conversations.

And there were chocolate truffles for dessert one night.

See the email from Sally on August 15th if you want to get your name on the list.

Thanks to Mabry and Sue A for pictures.

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