Sunday, December 26, 2010

Deb's Quilts

 Deb has always liked making quilts with small pieces.

Barkley's Birds 2005
Anna Williams, Log Cabin
But once she discovered the quilts of Anna Williams she changed direction...

Brian's Quilt

She loves working in improvisational style

 The best gift you can give her is a bag full of scraps too small to save.

 She loves the found object, whether it's a masterpiece improvisational quilt like the one below that cost her $30

 And which inspired her to make the one below

Or a scrap of fabric in the trash

 Now the idea of found scraps in the trash may give some of us the willies...
But Deb does great things with them.

See a blog featuring this quilt which she made at Pt.B a few years ago

And read her blog Thrift Shop Quilts

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