Thursday, December 16, 2010

News in December

The new C&T catalog has arrived with Allie's book in it. They won't be shipped till Valentine's Day though.
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Sally  writes to say that her surgery went very well. She was out of commission and so was the power at Pt. B.

Got out in three days. Not on any medication. Am recovering at my son's til Monday. Then head home with my twin sister, who will be with me for a week.

Vivian writes
The electricity was down for a day or so at Point B.. for those of us that were trying to get hold of someone by phone or email, to pay the final payment, we were not getting through.. and the lady that was supposed to answer was out sick.. I did get through and finalized the payment with my credit card.. . The lady I spoke to said not to worry..

And let's not even think about the power going out again!
Handsewing for a week.

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