Friday, December 10, 2010

Flaming Furniture Part 2

Kathe D.

Well the project started about 1984 in Kansas.

We added blocks in 1994 from our friends at Pt. B.

Then we made new friends and asked them to make blocks
Linda F

Nadra 3

Nadra 1

Nadra 2

The blocks ranged from 10 inches square (sorta square) to 15"

Deb R

Joanne Flaming Flame
Joanne designing, Georgann sewing
We now have 16 blocks!

What's it all mean you may ask.
Google the words Flaming Sofa
You'll find out.
It means nothing

And we aren't as clever as we thought we were.
If you Google Flaming Furniture or Burning Couch, etc. you will find lots of

But you can order a cake.
For what occasion I cannot imagine.

Stay tuned for finished top.

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