Monday, September 20, 2010


Nancy H., The Year of the Chick II 1993
"Made for Gabriel, born in the Year of the Rooster. It's a counting game. See how many eggs you can find."

Just Us Chicks 1995
Nancy and Rhoda
"Inspired by a photo in a National Geographic magazine of a West Virginian woman with her crazy quilt and chickens, these birds wonder if bright fabrics and embroidered flowers are tasty."

Sitting Pretty 1995
"Rhoda decreed that the bottom of [the quilt above], which I had laboriously embroidered, had to go. I salvaged this hem and made a story: the little red hen (Rhoda) keeps us all in line."

Dorreen's Norwegian Chicken Pincushion
Megan sells the pattern. Click here:

From EBHQ website.
Is it Jane's?

From an old crazy quilt

Here's a how-to about the Chicken Dance from the Lawrence Welk Show on YouTube. Click on the triangle on the left to get the video to begin. Click on the two bars on the left to get it to STOP.

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