Sunday, September 5, 2010

More of Nancy's Quilts at the VQF

Red Tide, 1995
"Red tide, caused by a dinoflagellate that makes shellfish temporarily poisonous, is rarely visible. Canoeing into a Maine cove one late afternoon the sun struck the water at a sharp angle, and its red bloom was unexpectedly beautiful. In this imperfect world I want to accept both aspects."
The quotes are from Nancy's notes in the catalog.

Found this picture of Nancy on the web wearing a pair of watermelon gloves a friend made for her.

See a nice review of her retrospective at the Vermont Quilt Festival by clicking here:

Canaletti, 1998
"Canaletti is based on photographs of washlines and reflections I took in Venice in 1962 and 1996, and its reversible block mimics the inverted camera obscura images drawn by the Venetian artist Canaletto's assistants that form the basis of his paintings. It is also, like Venice itself, full of false leads, watery illusions and slippery detours."

Joie d'Ivresse, 2003
"Party animals all the way, these black squirrels are having a fine old time---with no designated driver either."

The Secret Life of Chairs, 2000
"A mysterious outgrowth of a friend's bleaching experiments, my silk screens, and a bottomless fascination with chairs in odd places."

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