Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Echoes of Civil War Women

Kim's The Civil War: Now That Was a Challenge

Guin and Kim have put up a YouTube tour of their group show at the San Diego Quilt Show last week.
Click here to see a six and a half minute video of the eight quilts that the group from Scissorhands made.

Echoes of Civil War Women is based on a block exchange.  In 2008, Bettina, Brenda, Carmel, Debra H., Guin, Janet L. and Pam exchanged blocks made in Civil War reproduction prints and drawn from the book The Civil War Diary . Kim wrote she wasn't that interested in reproductions when they began---but she must have found out that purple was a popular mid-19th century shade as she seems to have gotten into the project.

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  1. I cannot even begin to tell you how overwhelmed I was when I saw the video, I think you write a book and you know that quilters are making a quilt but to actually see the exhibit was amazing. Thank you so much for posting the video , Their work was absolutely beautiful, I enjoyed every quilt and every setting.