Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Flaming Furniture Quilt

You may recall that in 1994 Barbara asked for help with the Flaming Furniture quilt

Nancy H. and Kim made blocks

The whole long story is....
In the 1980s there was a store in Kansas City called the Julien Flaming Furniture store.
Our artistic muse Nadra wondered what went on in there.

We decided to make a quilt. It was the perfect Dada-esque project.

Above: clock by Georgann
Bed by Laurel

Later we found out that Flaming was someone's last name.
It was just a regular old furniture store.

Television with panther by Carol J
Easy chair by Barbara

Avocado stove by Bobbi
Washing Machine by Odette
Magritte hat by Laure

We made several blocks in the mid-1980s
The project languished.
Pt.Bonitaites made several more in the mid 1990s
The project languished.

But lately, we have re-ignited it---so to speak.
See this blog for more....later.

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