Sunday, November 14, 2010

Heart Art & Treasures

Notes from the Auction Committee:

Remember to send Deanna the list of your three favorite charitable organizations for the 2011 auction. She'll make a list and identify a list of 5 for the general auction. The deadline is November 20th, so click here right now and email her:

As usual you want to bring treasures for the charity auction, which will be on Tuesday, Feb 1st. This year you will hold on to those treasures until the morning of February 1st.

Special Heart Art Section
The committee is planning a special section. All are invited to make something wonderful, so "you" that your friends and admirers will wage bidding wars over it. It doesn't have to have any hearts on it.

By Helga Strauss

Bring a pre-addressed envelope with the name of your favorite charity organization on it. The lucky bidder for your item will write a check for the winning bid's amount and mail it to that organization in the envelope. They don't say whether you should put a stamp on the envelope, but it would be nice.

Questions: ask Judy M (the chair), Brenda, Deanna, Shirley, Babs and Mata

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